Why Take the Test?

Here at Click IT, when evaluating a potential franchise owner for a Click IT store, we start by asking them to take our personality traits test, which is an assessment that tells us how entrepreneurial the candidate is, but more importantly, it ensures they have the traits we believe they need to be successful as a business owner. Today, this assessment tool is being made available to everyone on this call, even if you’re not considering being a part of our network or considering a Click IT store. This comprehensive test will:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assess your entrepreneurial mindset. and
  • Get clarity and valuable insights.

Where we see weaknesses, we direct you to the appropriate training. And if we feel that business ownership isn't the right fit, we’ll suggest a different route and better-suited job roles. This test is an invaluable tool for our franchise network, particularly when multiple candidates compete for the same territory. This is an opportunity for you to better understand yourself as a potential business owner, and get our opinion, my opinion, assuring that you're on the right path. If you're contemplating business ownership, regardless of the industry or type, I strongly recommend you take advantage of this opening and take this test.

  • Below is the link to the Personality Traits Test Google doc, which will give you our opinion if business ownership is the right choice for you. If you haven’t taken the test yet, now’s the best time to go to https://clickittest.com and complete the simple questionnaire, that’ll take you maybe 10 minutes. I urge anyone considering even a new job to take this test beforehand because the personalized feedback and insights will help you make a more informed, educated decision about yourself and your future.